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Regulatory Board for Wales
RBW business is conducted in various venues across Wales, frequently the offices of Housing Associations.

The Chair will be paid at £256 per day.

The RBW is expected to meet as a minimum on a quarterly basis with possibly two meetings a year with the Minister. In addition, the Chair should be available for interim RBW teleconferences.  The Chair will be expected to spend at least 6 days per quarter (a total of 24 days a years) on Board business.



Function of body

Legal Status

The Regulatory Board for Wales (RBW) has been established through housing regulation powers conferred on the Welsh Government under the Housing Act 1996 as an Advisory Board to offer advice to Welsh Ministers.

Section 71 of the Government of Wales Act 2006 gives Welsh Ministers power to do anything… which is calculated to facilitate, or is conducive or incidental to, the exercise of any of their other functions i.e. the regulation functions under the Housing Act 1996.

Board Background

The main purpose of the Regulatory Board for Wales is to hold the Welsh Government’s Housing Regulation Team to account for its work by overseeing the implementation of the Regulatory Framework.  It also advises Ministers on the performance of the housing association sector.

The current Regulatory Board has been in place since April 2016.  It is a wholly independent Board, appointed through the public appointments process, replacing the previous Regulatory Board whose membership comprised a range of housing stakeholders with one independent member and an independent Chair.

The Board considers reports, including an annual report, and guidance from the    Regulator as well as other publications on the performance of the sector.  This information is used to o advise Ministers on the performance of the Regulator, the sector and any related policy implications.

The Board also brings a strategic focus to issues across the sector, by commissioning research into key themes. These themes emerge from the day to day work of the Regulation Team, such as the Value for Money (VFM) thematic review, which was prompted after a significant number of associations struggled to sufficiently evidence value for money in their self assessments.  During the current year, the Board has been undertaking a review/progress report on housing association governance.


The Board is supported by a Regulatory Advisory Group (RAG).


The following Terms of Reference, subject to review, have been set for the RBW:


(1)  to examine the regulatory performance and activity of the Welsh Government, and the sector, by way of considering an annual report, and other reports and guidance from the Regulator, and other publications on the performance of the sector;


(2)  to seek additional advice/perspective on the performance of the sector from a broad range of organisations, as considered necessary; and


(3)  to use that information to:

  • advise the Minister on the performance of the regulator and the sector;
  • advise the Minister on related policy implications;
  • advise the Minister on changes to the regulatory framework; and
  • advise the Minister on the need for additional research, as considered necessary.


The RBW does not form part of the Welsh Government.  The RBW does not have any executive powers or functions.  The Minister for Housing & Regeneration (the Minister) may request such advice from the RBW as the Minister feels is needed to achieve the purpose of the Board.  It is at the discretion of the Minister to accept or reject any recommendations made by the RBW.


The RBW exercises its role on behalf of the Welsh Government. This does not detract from the fact that the RBW is acting in an advisory capacity, within the remit agreed for it, by the Minister and that its advice and recommendations will therefore be independent.


Subject to the normal requirements of the Freedom of Information Act 2000, it is at the Minister’s discretion to publish any reports/papers of the RBW.  Ownership of any data, reports and other material produced by the RBW rests with the Welsh Government.

Role description

The Regulatory Board for Wales was established in 2016.  The fully-constituted Board comprises six independent members plus the Chair. The Board provides advice to Welsh Ministers and is responsible for overseeing Welsh Government regulation of Housing Associations in Wales and providing related advice to the Minister.

The Welsh Government is seeking to appoint a new Chair to the Regulatory Board for Wales.  This is an exciting opportunity to lead a Board charged with advising the Welsh Government on housing policy and regulation.  The Chair will lead a strong Board which will contain a diverse range of skills related to the Housing sector.  As the leader of the Board, the Chair will both challenge the work of the Welsh Government’s Regulation team and provide strategic advice to the Minister on the current performance and future options of the housing association sector

The Independent Chair will:  

  • provide leadership and strategic direction to the board;
  • contribute to setting up and inducting the new Board and helping to ensure its effectiveness;
  • take responsibility for the overall conduct of RBW Board and its functions;
  • ensure it meets high standards of probity and governance; 
  • establish effective working relationships with the Secretariat and other relevant Welsh Government civil servants;
  • manage meetings effectively, encouraging participation and constructive challenge, seeking consensus, balancing the need for debates on issues with the requirement to carry forward the agenda;
  • ensure that the regulatory oversight provided by the Board is comprehensive, up to date and of a high quality;
  • provide clear and cogent advice to the Minister on the effectiveness of the Welsh Government’s regulatory role with respect to housing associations in Wales;
  • provide regular advice to the Minister on the health and performance of the housing association sector;
  • attend other appropriate meetings as requested; and
  • act as a spokesperson for the RBW.

The independent Chair will be appointed for a period of up to three years, renewable for a further three years, subject to performance review. The Chair (and Members) will be able to offer an authoritative view of the regulatory regime founded on their personal expertise, and will be expected to support the operation of the RBW through the provision of relevant sector information and intelligence. They will offer their views on issues relating to the role of the RBW falling within their remit, and contribute to discussions on issues requested by the Minister, or are agreed with the Minister, in relation to the Terms of Reference set out below

The Chair and Members will be entitled to remuneration based on agreed levels approved by the Welsh Government. In addition, appropriate expenses will be paid. 

Welsh language skills

The Welsh Government acknowledges the importance of developing and growing bilingual capabilities in public appointments in Wales, and welcomes applications from candidates who demonstrate their capability to work in both English and Welsh.  The following list of language requirements represents an objective assessment by the recruiting body of the Welsh language skills required to undertake the duties of this particular post.

Person specification

To be considered, you must be able to demonstrate that you have the following qualities, skills and experience to meet all the essential criteria for appointment.

Essential Criteria

Communication skills

- an ability to gain respect and keep the confidence of fellow Board members and very senior key stakeholders, including Ministers and senior Government officials, through effective communication and influencing skills.

Intellectual flexibility  

-         a sharp and clear thinker who can quickly grasp the key policy areas, issues and concerns within the Welsh housing association sector whilst
          maintaining a focus on national policy interests;

-         sound understanding of the political framework in Wales and the ability to offer policy advice and guidance to Ministers and civil servants.

Analysis and interpretation

 -         an ability to analyse and make judgements from complex data and research in order to improve the quality of the regulation of housing

           associations, their performance and the benefits this brings to tenants, service users and the wider community.

High standards of corporate and personal conduct

-         a clear understanding and commitment to equality issues and challenging discriminatory practice

-         a clear understanding of and commitment to Nolan’s ‘Seven Principles of Public Life’ and public service values;

-         an ability to act impartially and remain independent of the different interests represented on the RBW Board.

-         a commitment to inclusive leadership.



-         an understanding of the social housing sector would be an advantage although not essential;

-         highly established chairing skills; the ability to lead on the induction of the new members of the Regulatory Board for Wales and comfort in
          effectively working with a Board with diverse interests;

-         an ability to be independent of the different interests represented on the RBW and to be able to secure common ground, thus ensuring the
          RBW is able to improve the quality of the regulation of housing associations, their performance and the benefits this brings to tenants, service
          users and the wider community;

-         an ability to quickly grasp the key policy areas, issues and concerns within the Welsh housing association sector;

-         a sound understanding of the political framework in Wales and the ability to offer policy advice and guidance to Ministers;

-         undisputed personal integrity and credibility;

-         Whilst not essential, an understanding of the social housing sector would be an advantage.

Interview dates

27 March 2020
27 March 2020

Closing date

14/02/2020, 16:00

Additional information


For further information regarding the selection process, please contact:


Public Appointments

Public Bodies Unit

Welsh Government



For further information regarding the role of the Regulatory Body for Wales the role of Independent Chair, please contact:

Huw Maguire

Tel: 0300 0256073


How to apply

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In your application, you will also be asked to provide details of any activities which have helped you to develop skills that would be useful in a public appointment role, and list the organisations for which you undertook these activities.  We also need to know about any political activity that you’ve undertaken over the last 5 years. 

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