Vacancy -- Welsh Government Apprenticeships Talent Bank


The Welsh Government Apprenticeship scheme will launch early 2022 across Wales to fill critical Team Support roles.  The Welsh Government’s apprenticeship scheme provides the opportunity to study for a level three qualification, while working in an administrative role supporting one of our teams who deliver work across key areas of public life such as health, education and the environment.   There will be no eligibility criteria for applying for our Apprenticeship, other than you'll need to be aged 16 or over, and are legally allowed to live and work in the UK (see the UK Civil Service Nationality requirements: [external link]). 

We value diversity at the Welsh Government and welcome and encourage interest from people from all backgrounds, age groups and with all abilities.

If you'd like us to keep in touch with you regarding this year's apprenticeship scheme, register your details and complete our 'Talent Bank' application form.  We'll then keep you updated with when we’ll be advertising, and how.  You're welcome to register your interest in English or in Welsh, and we’ll communicate with you in that language.

Our Talent Bank form asks you to provide some information about your background.  These questions are for monitoring purposes only, to make sure we're reaching as wide an audience as possible, and not excluding any groups.  This information will not be shared with panel members involved in the recruitment process, and if you feel uncomfortable answering any question, you're welcome to select the 'Prefer not to say' option.

How to register

To register for the Apprenticeships Talent Bank, you will need to create an account on the Welsh Government's online application system, by clicking the 'Apply' button below, and then click 'Register' (if you've already registered for an account, simply click 'Apply' and then log in to your account).

This is to register interest only and you will still need to complete a full application form once the advert goes live.

If you'd like to register in Welsh and receive any future communications in Welsh, click the 'Newid Iaith' button at the top of the page, select 'Welsh' and click on the 'Gwneud cais' button at the bottom of the page to open the Welsh application form.

The registration process only takes a couple of minutes.  Once you've registered for an account or logged in, you'll be able to access the Apprenticeships Talent Bank form.  Complete the form fully, and click 'Submit' on the last page.

If you'd also like to receive an automated e-mail notification when one of our vacancies is advertised, then follow the 'Create Job Alert' link at the bottom of our vacancies board (you'll need to be logged in to your account to do this): Welsh Government Vacancies Board