Vacancy -- Work Experience, Placements and Apprentice Opportunities Talent Bank


Welsh Government can sometimes provide a number of opportunities ranging from talent development programmes such as work experience, placements, and internships through to limited recruitment schemes such as our annual apprenticeship scheme.

All of our opportunities provided are dependent on business needs, thus the timing and number of such offers will vary throughout the year. We are keen to keep you up to date with all our exciting talent development and recruitment opportunities through our Opportunities Talent Bank.

If you'd like us to keep in touch with you regarding our upcoming opportunities, register your details and complete our 'Talent Bank' application form.  Please select which types of opportunities you would be most interested in receiving information on.  We'll then keep you updated with details of the opportunities available, when we’ll be advertising, and how. 

You're welcome to register your interest in English or in Welsh, and we’ll communicate with you in that language.

Our Talent Bank form asks you to provide some information about your background.  These questions are for monitoring purposes only.  As a Disability Confident Leader and an organisation that values diversity in all its aspects, this is very important for us.  By providing this information you’ll be helping us to ensure we’re reaching as wide an audience as possible, and not excluding any individuals in Wales.  This information will not be shared with panel members involved in any recruitment process, and if you feel uncomfortable answering any question, you're welcome to select the 'Prefer not to say' option.

Types of opportunities on offer:

  1. Undergraduate Placements – a variety of undergraduate placements in a range of disciplines as and when available
  2. Graduate Placements - a variety of placements in a range of disciplines for graduates as and when available
  3. Diversity Work-taster Placements -  a dedicated diversity placement opportunity for up to 4 weeks in the summer
  4. Apprenticeships in a range of subjects such as Digital, Customer Services and Business Administration. 

How to register

To register for the Opportunities Talent Bank, you will need to create an account on the Welsh Government's online application system, by clicking the 'Apply' button below, and then click 'Register' (if you've already registered for an account, simply click 'Apply' and then log in to your account). 

If you'd like to register in Welsh and receive any future communications in Welsh, click the 'Newid Iaith' button at the top of the page, select 'Welsh' and click on the 'Gwneud cais' button at the bottom of the page to open the Welsh application form. 

The registration process only takes a couple of minutes.  Once you've registered for an account or logged in, you'll be able to access the Opportunities Talent Bank form.  Complete the form fully, and click 'Submit' on the last page.

If you're interested in opportunities other than our placements and Apprenticeships, then visit our vacancies board where you can view all our current vacancies, and set up e-mailed Job Alerts for any future vacancies:  Welsh Government Vacancies Board