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Vacancy -- Chair - Hybu Cig Cymru

Vacancy details

Hybu Cig Cymru
Meetings will usually be held in Aberystwyth

The post of Chair will be paid at £ 25,200 per annum. The Chair of HCC is regarded as a holder of an office for tax and National Insurance purposes. Fees payable will, as a result, be chargeable to tax under Schedule E of the Taxes Act and subject to Class 1 National Insurance contributions. These liabilities will be deducted via the Hybu Cig Cymru payroll system and the net fee paid to the office holder. Fees are not subject to VAT.

Travel and other reasonable expenses that might be incurred in carrying out work for HCC can be claimed from HCC within the recognised limits. You may also be eligible to claim reimbursement for costs in relation to child care/care of the elderly/assistant carer, whilst carrying out work on behalf of HCC.


Function of body

Hybu Cig Cymru – Meat Promotion Wales (HCC) is the strategic body responsible for the development, marketing and promotion of the Welsh red meat industry. Its mission is to develop profitable and sustainable markets for Welsh lamb, beef and pork. The organisation is a Company limited by guarantee without any share capital. The Board comprises 12 non-executive directors, including the Chairperson.

Twenty Twenty Vision - the Strategic Action Plan for the Welsh Red Meat Industry, which was developed by HCC in close consultation with the Welsh red meat industry and the Welsh Government, was launched in July 2015 and has the vision of a profitable, efficient, sustainable and innovative Welsh red meat industry, which is resilient to political and environmental change and is capable of responding competitively to ever changing market trends.

In order to achieve this vision, there are two key strategic priorities:

• Increase demand for Welsh red meat products (thereby increasing sales and returns)

• Improve production efficiency (thereby increasing quality supply) whilst maintaining the environment and landscape of Wales.

The focus for delivery of HCC is through three departments:

• Market Development - HCC is active in many important markets worldwide developing and strengthening business opportunities for Welsh red meat exporters. At home HCC works with retailers, farmers markets and foodservice operators undertaking regular promotional programmes for Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) Welsh Lamb and Welsh Beef.

• Industry Development - HCC undertakes research and development, dissemination of information and training relevant to each part of the supply chain, to ensure the Welsh red meat industry is in a position to improve quality, increase cost-effectiveness, improve animal health, safeguard the environment and add value to red meat products across the whole supply chain.

• Communications - HCC ensures that information regarding developments relating to Welsh red meat are made known to stakeholders and consumers. Relationships are also maintained with Government, levy boards and other key stakeholders.

HCC’s principal source of income is derived from the Welsh Red Meat Levy collected from cattle, sheep and pigs slaughtered in Wales. Statutory levy has existed in the red meat sector for a number of years to fund activities to assist with the development of this sector, notably work that would not be done under normal market conditions.

On 01 April 2007 HCC was established as a body wholly owned by the Welsh Minister.

The Welsh Government’s Agriculture – Sustainability and Development Division is seeking a Chair to lead the Board of HCC.

Role description

The Chair is primarily responsible for leading the Board of non-executive Directors and ensuring the effectiveness of Hybu Cig Cymru – Meat Promotion Wales. The executive responsibility for the operation of HCC rests with the Chief Executive Officer.

The key responsibilities of the Chair will be to:

• Lead the Board in the delivery of the key recommendations from the independent review of Hybu Cig Cymru – Meat Promotion Wales, published October 2016;

• Lead the Board in the delivery of the Twenty Twenty Vision: Strategic Action Plan for the Welsh Red Meat Industry

• Lead Sub-Committees of the Board and ensure their effectiveness;

• Develop and maintain an effective relationship with the Chief Executive Officer;

• Lead on the development of the HCC Corporate Plan and the HCC Business Plan through the Board;

• Ensure that systems are in place to monitor the effectiveness of HCC and that Board members have accurate, timely and clear information on the company’s performance;

• Maintain sound corporate governance and ensure all activities are discharged with probity and propriety as required of an organisation expending public monies;

• Represent HCC to the media, Government, key stakeholders, consumers and relevant UK and EU bodies;

• Communicate and attend meetings where appropriate with stakeholders and the Welsh Government;

• Play a key role in promoting the views of HCC to the general public; and

• Evaluate the effectiveness of Board members on an ongoing basis.

Welsh language skills

The Welsh Government acknowledges the importance of developing and growing bilingual capabilities in public appointments in Wales, and welcomes applications from candidates who demonstrate their capability to work in both English and Welsh.  The following list of language requirements represents an objective assessment by the recruiting body of the Welsh language skills required to undertake the duties of this particular post.
Can read some routine work-related material with support e.g. dictionary
Can write simple work-related correspondence
Can understand routine work-related conversations
Can hold some work-related conversations

Person specification

All applications will be assessed against the criteria set out below. To be considered, you must be able to demonstrate that you have the qualities, skills and experience to meet all the essential criteria for appointment.

Essential Criteria

Leadership and Team Working

• Excellent communication and influencing skills, with the ability to inspire and motivate;
• Ability to manage a group with diverse opinions and lead them to making effective decisions and developing coherent policies.

Appreciation of the agriculture and wider food industry needs

• Be able to demonstrate an appreciation of the issues facing the industry and Welsh red meat levy payers; and
• Have knowledge of or the ability to grasp, export, sales and marketing issues relevant to the Welsh red meat sector.

Strategic Development

• Understands the wider strategic environment and takes account of this when making decisions. Ability to analyse highly complex information.

Corporate Governance

• An understanding of corporate governance and what the Board is required to do and their responsibilities.

Communication Skills

• The ability to promote the views of industry and the sector to media, Government and stakeholders; and
• Good interpersonal skills, able to develop sound relationships with stakeholders and others.

Interview dates

26 June 2017
30 June 2017

Closing date

30/05/2017 23:55

Additional information

For further information regarding the selection process, please contact:

The Corporate Shared Service Centre
Tel: 029 2082 5454

For further information regarding the role of Hybu Cig Cymru and the role of the Chair please contact:
Gareth Wilson
Tel: 0300 025 3366

If you need any further assistance in applying for this role, please contact the Welsh Government’s Corporate Shared Service Centre Helpdesk on 029 2082 5454 or

How to apply

To apply for this role, click on the ‘Apply’ button below. The first time you apply for a post, you will need to complete a registration form for the Welsh Government’s online application system.  You will only need to register once, and you will be able to keep yourself updated on the progress of your application, and any other applications you make, via your registered account.

Once you’ve registered, you’ll be able to access the application form.  To apply you will need to submit two supporting documents. The first, a document outlining how your knowledge, skills and experiences meet the criteria for the role as outlined in the information for candidates.  This document should be no more than 2 sides of A4.  Your application may be rejected if you exceed this limit.  The second document is a full, up to date CV.  The two documents should be uploaded to the ‘Reasons for applying’ section of the online application form.

In your application, you will also be asked to provide details of any activities which have helped you to develop skills that would be useful in a public appointment role, and list the organisations for which you undertook these activities.  We also need to know about any political activity that you’ve undertaken over the last 5 years. 

It is recommended that you register for an account and access the application form as soon as possible so that you see how the application form is structured, before starting to prepare your evidence.  You don’t have to complete the application form all in one go.  You can save your responses, and log in and out as required, until you’re ready to submit – just follow the guidance in the application form.

If you’d like to apply for this opportunity in Welsh, please use the ‘Newid Iaith / Change Language’ link at the top of this page, to take you to the Welsh version of this advert, from which you can apply in Welsh.

If you need any further assistance in applying for this role, please contact the Welsh Government’s Corporate Shared Service Centre Helpdesk on 029 2082 5454 or 

For further information about Public Appointments in Wales, please visit

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This vacancy is closed to applications.